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How to go from Obese to Healthy by Paul Cano

For those who find themselves under the category of “Obese”, it’s not a secret how you got there. Good news is, it’s not a secret how to get healthy. We all knew if you eat healthy and be active that will make you healthy. But how healthy do you have to eat? How active do you have to be to move into the category “Healthy”? I have a few guidelines to help you know the standard to achieve basic health. First thing is eating, we all know that we should eat veggies and drink lots of water but how often do you have to do that to be considered healthy?

For the general population, if you made sure to eat from home a minimum of 5 days a week, this will help you significantly. Eating food made from home will save money, time looking for a place to eat and so many useless calories you would get when eating out. Majority of the time, home made food is drastically healthier than eating out. But if you must eat out, stick to veggies, protein and minimal sugar. Fast food restaurants such as Panda, Chipotle and El Polo Loco have great options to name a few.

Now it’s time to put those workout clothes on and get active, but how often and how intense does training need to be? I recommend getting active daily whether its your job that keeps you on your feet or if you need to do some extra cleaning around the house. Getting active daily will help burn extra calories the body needs to use to avoid storing fat. Most people work a sedentary job and come home to the sofa to live a sedentary life.

Get active and you will feel amazing, exercising also promotes a positive attitude. Now being active isn't the only thing that is going to get you healthy, I still recommend 20 minutes of light cardio weekly and an additional 20 to 40 minutes minimal of strength training weekly. Eat healthy, be active, and live the healthy life! You will feel amazing, look amazing and live your best life. Don't worry about falling off track, everyone does at times. The most important thing is you get right back into your active and healthy eating routine. If you cant keep your self accountable, hire a knowledgeable personal trainer.

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