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"Mantra" by John Bunch

When working out, starting out at first can be a #challenge. So it's important to have the right mind set, and to remember why your doing it. A good thing to have is your own "mantra". My #mantra

for example is, "I have to look the part" and "I can't be left behind".

As you know, I'm a personal trainer, and it wouldn't be right if I didn't #practice what I #preach. A person can easily give you all the advice in the world about something, but if they're not taking their own advice, why should you???

With that being said, I'm constantly working on my #fitness, #health, and #education. It's not easy, but I have a great team to keep me #accounted for and #motivated. Right now I'm doing a lot better as far as what I eat. Months ago I would have #McDonald's or #fast-food on the regular, now it's probably once or twice a month, and only when I have no other options.

Not trying to write an essay, but the moral of the story is, #remember what you started, why you started it, and have a great #team to keep you on track. If you need any help then feel free to contact me any time. With that being said, have a great weekend, and get #active!!!

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