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Mind Blowing Benefits of Cayenne Pepper  by Courtney Colby

When most people think of Cayenne Pepper, they think of spicy foods and possibly even an upset stomach. However, taking Cayenne Pepper as a supplement in consistent doses can yield AMAZING results! The power of cayenne pepper all comes from the capsaicin that is in it (this is what makes all peppers spicy but it is most easily accessible in cayenne pepper pills). While many people enjoy cayenne as a seasoning, it is widely considered by nutritionists to be one of the #1 medicinal herbs!

At this point you are probably saying, “Courtney, I’m already sold, what more could this miracle herb do?” Well… I’m so glad you asked! There are 9 main effects that ingesting cayenne pepper regularly can help achieve!

  • Increase Calorie Burn Potential

The capsaicin in the cayenne has a natural thermogenic effect on your body by increasing your core temperature, and therefore your body works harder to cool it down, which burns more calories!

  • Reduce Hunger Cravings

Studies have shown that capsaicin can reduce the production of the hormone ghrelin, which is responsible for many cravings. Therefore, incorporating a cayenne pill before a meal can reduce hunger cravings post-meal.

  • Clears Congestion

When eaten in a spice form and not a pill form the hear from the capsaicin clears out sinuses.

  • Improves Blood Circulation and Possible reduction in Blood Pressure

In animal studies, capsaicin was shown to lower Lower blood pressure and improve blood circulation due to a relaxing effect on the blood vessels and the increased heat from the thermogenic effect increasing blood flow to major organs.

  • Aids in digestion

The thermogenic effect of the capsaicin also aids in stomach digestion and increases the digestive enzymes present in the stomach. In addition, the extra heat produced will draw more blood to the stomach and more energy will be put into digestion by the body.

  • Relieve joint and muscle pain

Capsasin reduces the amount of substance P in the body which is responsible for pain and inflammation in many joints so many studies have shown a reduction in joint pain when given consistent doses of capsaicin.

  • May Reduce Risk of some Cancers

Studies have shown promising results in cancer reduction due to the capsaicin clearing up pathways that are common for cancer cell development.

  • Helps fight Psoriasis

Studies have found that mixing cayenne pepper or capsaicin into a topical cream can have a relieving effect on skin Psoriasis. So, what’s the catch? To put it simply… there isn’t one! Overall, cayenne peppers and cayenne pills are generally safe to consume. The exception is if you take blood thinners or blood pressure medication, you should check with your doctor first due to the fact that is could increase your circulation and lower your blood pressure. And you should always check with your Doctor or a Registered Dietician before trying cayenne peppers, capsaicin cream, or whenever you are unsure about implementing a new supplement into your diet.

So, the bottom line is that cayenne peppers can have many overall health benefits due to the concentration of capsaicin in them, however, if you are worried that taking it could negatively interact with current medication or a medical condition, it is best to check with your Doctor. However, for most people, Cayenne Peppers are a great way to put a little fire under your diet and help achieve your fitness goals! I know it helped me!

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