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Three Components every Training Program Needs

There are so many people that exercise at the gym, their home, and in parks.

People atthe gym are often doing strength training majority of the time lifting weights or doing machine

weights. People at the parks often focus most of their time doing cardio with runs and stairs.

People at home often focus on flexibility doing yoga or some form of stretching. What if I told you that 99% of these people are missing a piece to their fitness program? They are all working out to be the best they can, but aren't doing everything they need to be doing. Let me explain.

The person at the gym doing strength training is building a strong muscle structure to support their body as they perform day to day tasks or even play sports. This is the best way to capture that healthy and fit look. But with the majority of your training being in the weight room, its NOT setting you up for a diverse fitness background. When doing strength training such as

weight lifting, muscle your building is practicing performing short timed movements and if that is most of your fitness program, don't expect to last too long on a hike or a game of


The muscle will fatigue after a short period of time since thats what it practices most.

The person going to the park and running or doing the stairs will last forever on a hike or a basketball game. But on the other hand, if thats all your doing, you might find it difficult to lift a large rock or maybe you find yourself getting pushed around on the basketball courts. You will be able to outlast those big strong opponents but when things get physical they will most likely tumble over you or even worse, possibly injure you. With majority of your training being cardio,

your body doesn't have the strength it needs to withstand the beating from the opponents.

Those yogis out there that can touch their toes, cross their legs and even smell their

feet. You rarely hear of these individuals with injuries, aches or even back pains. These individuals typically focus on living the smooth life with lots of stretching and meditation. Yoga is amazing because it will stretch out all the muscles, tendons and ligaments preventing strains

and injuries.

At the same time promote the necessary strength to handle difficult positions. The

only thing about this individual is, without a higher intensity style of training, this person will not be able take a fast pace hike. They also face danger being around bigger stronger individuals in a physical activity.

So what should I do you ask? By now I'm sure you figured out all of these individuals

discussed above are somewhat healthy and fit but each are missing a component or two. Isuggest implementing all three components to have the best physical body you can have. I personally do 15-30 minutes of cardio 5 days a week with an additional 3 days a week strength training. Finally don't forget to stretch daily. For this I do a 5 minute stretch almost everyday and stretch after every workout.

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