Jeromie Hansen

With the help of  InHome Fitness Trainers and personal trainer Alex Javier, I have seen tremendous progress in the obtainment of my goals. As a business owner, I find it difficult to consolidate enough time to make a gym visit a daily part of my health routine. The convenience and guidance that my trainer has provided me with, helped me along my journey of losing 100+ lbs with gastric bypass surgery. The training sessions allowed me to be strong enough to withstand the extremely rapid physical changes post surgery. Being that I have a role in an upcoming show on channel 24 called (Mediwatch). I wanted to set an example of what can be done with the advancements of medical technology

I trained with John for nearly two years. During that time John instilled a desire and discipline to make exercise a regular part of my lifestyle. We no longer meet but I'm so happy to of met him and learn from him. He is very professional and easy to talk to. I'm nearly 60 years old and am very proud of my level of physical fitness and in no small way, my relationship with John is responsible for it. Thank you, John

Mike Colby
Owner of The Painted Table

In Home Fitness Trainers has been the best thing that’s happened to me. Everything I am, all I’ve done, I have InHome Fitness Trainers to thank for it, however, my thanks goes to one person in particular; Paul Cano. This man has changed my life from day 1. From a fat little kid, no one liked, to now a strong, lean person that is something: a fighter. How? Paul showed me that path, and I took it. I thank him every single moment I fight because of the path he showed me, and how’s he’s helping me walk that path. I don’t know where I’d be without him. So Paul, thank you, seriously, you’ve been more than just a trainer, rather when I’m with you, I feel I can be open like I am with my family, and that says a lot, and I’m not ever gonna let you down.


Now you’ve grown from the small place you met me at, and you have your own company: In Home Fitness Trainers I’ve been so happy when you told me, you always told me you come back stronger back in the old days, looks like you did it once again. I’m really happy for you. The people you’ve recruited, they are hands down amazing. Alex, he’s an amazing person with a great sense of humor, more on the athletic side, but training with him, that’s a challenge I will overcome every time. (Bring it Alex) 


Sadly, I haven’t had much time with the other trainers other than you two. But knowing you Paul, you’d never let anything bring you down, so I’m 100% positive the people under your wing are the best, and when I see them, I’ll be ready to take on there hardest. Yeah, that’s right, challenging them all,  but my path will always lie as a fighter, with you Paul.


Helping and watching your company grow has been phenomenal, I know by now that I always have somewhere to go, people to trust, people that have my back when I fall. Thank you, everyone. And you all can be damn sure I’m always gonna be there for you all.

Bhavit Riar
Courtney Colby

In Home Fitness trainers has amazing trainers that genuinely care about making people happy and healthy! Training with John was hugely beneficial and he was constantly motivating me and pushing me to train as hard as I could. In Home Fitness Trainers has helped me in establishing long-term healthy habits and give me a solid foundation to further my fitness.

Jack Nagrani

I recommend to anyone that ask me how to improve his or her fitness to contact In Home Fitness Trainers These trainers are knowledgeable, flexible and they actually care about their client’s well being. I have lost over 10 pounds, gained muscle, lost over 10% body fat and most importantly, I actually look forward to my workouts now. Not only has In Home Fitness Trainers helped me reach my fitness goals, they also train my teenage son. They are helping him discover his strength as a young man. They have also established a workout routine for my wife to support her in her fitness goals.In Home Fitness Trainers continues to be a family orientated company that supports myself and my family along our fitness journey. Thank you Paul and the entire In Home Fitness Trainers team for being there for my family and I.

Alexis Vega

Six months ago I was over-weight, un-healthy, and un-happy. Like many others I had begun to put on weight after high school. I tried to lose weight on my own, but after a year of trying I was continuing to struggle. That is when I decided to hire a professional to teach me the proper way to diet and exercise. I was referred to In Home Fitness Trainers and then paired up with my personal trainer, Alex Javier. After our consultation, Alex began to teach me proper form and technique. I realized that I had been doing it wrong the whole time! Alex's upbeat attitude was contagious and inspiring- He completely changed my relationship with fitness. Alex pushed me out of my comfort zone and encouraged me to persevere even when my body was telling me to stop. For instance, when we began to incorporate resistance running, I hated it. But with Alex cheering me on the whole way it ended up becoming easier and easier. With Alex's help, I have lost 35lbs. so far. I have also gained the knowledge and tools to continue my fitness journey on my own. In the beginning I couldn't even think about doing ONE pull-up. Now I can do SEVEN (and more soon)!  still checks on me from time to time and is always willing to

InHome Fitness Trainers offer advice if I ask. They have become a vital member of my fitness journey and I am so grateful for their guidance


My wife and I have been training with In Home Fitness Trainers for almost two years. We have been incredibly happy with the team and the results. Paul Cano and his team are incredibly passionate about their clients and getting results. I felt they came up with a perfect training regimen for different levels of age and fitness including nutrition recommendations. Also they are great at making the workouts fun and not too strenuous. They have a focus on developing great habits including diet and activity to make sure you stay on the right track. I myself as a 42-year-old physician have gotten in the best shape of my life training with In Home Fitness Trainers. I have trained with different trainers in the past and have never seen a more genuine commitment to getting results. I highly recommend anybody interested in seeing a dramatic change in his or her physique and overall quality of life to start training with InHome Fitness Trainers.

Dr. Anand
Kaiser Medical Staff President
Katie Bass

The team at IHFT helped me feel fit and fabulous on my wedding day. My trainer John created a training program that focused on my fitness goals. He constantly created new and fun workouts that challenged me. He exposed me to boxing, high intensity interval training, and strength training. The team also goes beyond the scheduled workouts. I was provided with routines for days we didn't meet and given healthy meal plan ideas. I ended up losing over fifteen pounds in the three months we trained and improved over all areas of my monthly fitness test. I highly recommend using this team to help you be wedding ready!​

Training with InHome Fitness Trainers was a wonderful experience. Paul Cano is a trainer that really cares and listens to what you are looking for and build plans and programs around you. I strengthened my body, enhanced my endurance, and learned the life long skill of boxing. Paul brought a friendly, yet focused energy to every session and pushed me to do more than I thought my body was capable of. I now live a more fit and healthier life feeling happier and more confident than ever before. I recommend to anyone looking taking control of their health and fitness to contact In Home Fitness Trainers and let them help.

Ahmad M.
Body Figure Competitor
Gabbie Hernandez

In February of 2014, I was diagnosed with a currently incurable condition called Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. I was an athlete my whole life from youth sports to high school and played basketball for two years at a junior college. During the worst time of my illness, I was unable to tie my own shoes or even open up the cap of a water bottle without assistance. I eventually got to a point where I was able to do those things for myself again and regained some strength but I was never able to get back to the athletic stature I had while in college. I got into officiating basketball and as time progressed, I realized I had an opportunity to progress in the sport. I reached out to Paul and his team at InHome Fitness in April of 2019 and my life has never been the same. I went in thinking that I was going to become strong, faster, and lose some weight; all of which have been true but I have received so much more. I have become part of a family and received a mentor and friend in Paul Cano during the process. Paul has encouraged me to embrace growing to be comfortable with being uncomfortable which has led to major changes. With Paul’s support, out of all the officials in the United States I was nominated for the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics Tournament and was selected as an official for the California Community College Athletic Association Tournament. Lupus has left me with arthritis, Raynaud’s phenomenon, anemia, and liver issues under the age of thirty, but Paul has given me confidence, strength, encouragement, and most importantly belief; Belief that nothing is impossible as long as you work at it. This last year has brought about tremendous growth, I look forward to the changes, challenges, and accomplishments as my time with InHome Fitness Trainers continues.

Division 1 Basketball Referee

4 Week Intensive with InHome Fitness Trainers

At the beginning of the program I was a bit hesitant. I’ve been one to not really pay attention to nutrition before or get discouraged because the number on the scale doesn’t drop. There were days where i felt like giving up but Blue constantly checked in on me and gave me that push and reassured me it would be worth it in the end. After this program I’ve literally felt the best I have in a very long time. I have energy, I WANT to workout, eat clean and best of all I saw results. I went from a size 8 to a size 4 in pants and a size M/L to a Small in shirts. The number on the scale isn’t where i thought it would be, but i know there was progress made by the way my clothes fit. I would totally recommend this program to others. The workouts were effective and it didn’t feel like I was spending tons of time working out. Blue, thank you so much for helping me change my habits and feel good about myself again!!

Kim Khrystine
My Success Story 
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